Equipment Available for Rental

AC Variac Air Compressor Air Compressor
Air Mortar (up to 4″ Dia.) Air Mortar (over 4″ Dia.) Air Mover (Venturi) 1″ (2)
Air Mover (Venturi) 1.5″ Air Mover (Venturi) 11″ Battery Charger w/ starter
Cobweb Spinner E-Fan Flame Bar (up to 4′)
Flame Bar (4′ – 8′) Flame Bars (round & custom) Flame burner unit
Fire Extinguisher – 20# CO2 Fire Ext. – 20# Purple K Fire Extinguisher- 20# CO2 (2)
Fireplace logs (set) Fogger, LowSmokeGenerator Fogger. Igeba
Fogger, MDG & G300 Golf Ball Launcher Hose, air (1/4″ & 3/8″)
Hose Fittings, Fire Hydrant Fittings 1.5″ Hose Fittings, Fire Hydrant Fittings 2.5″ Neon Transformers 7.5-12K
Propane Tank 20# Rain Tower Package Rose Duster
Snow Shakers Tree Trunks (12’L, Oak &Pine) 3 ea. @ 9″D., 12″D, 16″D) Trickle Bars (Rain)
Turntable- 6″ & 12″(w/ controller) Turntable 14′ Dia. Water Pumps (various sizes)
Water tank filter system Heat shimmer bars