Cinnabar Florida, Inc. began operation in Orlando, Florida in 1990. In its beginning, it was an extension of Cinnabar California, headed by one of the founding partners, David Park.

Over its first 25 years and over 3,700 projects, Cinnabar Florida largely operated as an independent company. In 2006, Cinnabar Florida became an entirely independent company, wholly owned by David Park.

Our Approach

Every project has a unique set of goals that require specific creative skills. We use a project based approach to reach those goals. Rather than a departmental approach that moves a project from silo to silo, we teambuild, internally matching the best skill sets of project managers, designers and crafts people to meet the needs of each project. Once the team is built, we believe that group must stay with the project from beginning to end.

Our Goal

We have spent more than 25 years striving to exceed our clients’ expectations while delivering on time and on budget.